josheffherson asked: i'd love to watch your pussy to get pissed on


Mmmm I want to bad too

— 2 weeks ago
tuttyfruttyfrenchy asked: How are u sweety ??😘😘


I’m very good thank you. A bit horny now hehe.

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ukjewcock asked: I've done that before. its hot. literally :)


Mmmmm I want it bad! Not sure of my Daddy would want to! Xx

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I want Daddy to piss on my pussy hehe. Kinky me ;)

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simonjj1980 asked: Can I lay on top of you, and push my way between your legs and squeeze inside you? xxx


Want the tip of your cock touch my clit mmmm slide up and down. Love it like that mmm cum on my pussy.

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tenyfunxxx-deactivated20140210 asked: Oh my gosh ur sexy! Can I pls get ur snapchat?


I don’t have snapchat

— 2 months ago
x-marks-the-spot-always-deactiv asked: Can I cum lay with you ;)


Cum lay with me! ;)

— 3 months ago
themightyshep asked: Hey :) x



— 3 months ago
I want big cock! I’m so horny!

So I’m kinda get back with Daddy.

We are having such an on and off relationship. Yesterday we were arguing like we hate each other (I hated him then!) today he is being so sweet lol.

Now I want him again. Ahh I want Daddy’s big cock!


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